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Miss Tahiti 2011

May 2011


Tamanu Oil is your skin's best friend
Miss Tahiti 2010

Lucie Poehere Wilson

By far the best!

Luçie Poehere Wilson, our grand-daughter, has been using Tahitian tamanu oil for the last 12 years for her complexion and to treat burns and scars. Her younger sister also used it to treat a one year old scar on the back of her hand. The tamanu oil greatly reduced the appearance of the scar.

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"Beauty Products the Celebs Can't Live Without"

lucie wilson taie
FenuaOrama Magazine 

November 2014​

Paul M. Wilson
miss tahiti 2010

In The News

By far the best!

I’m 93 years old, but still active, but I have severely dry skin and other skin problems related to skin cancer and the dry climate here in the desert. I found the DRY SKIN BUTTER at the weekly Farmer’s Market where Island Trend is test marketing products and immediately tried it out on my face. I was very impressed at its moisturizing quality and non-greasy feel of the product. My flaky, dry skin on my face felt better immediately and I bought a jar and have used it daily every since. It Is the best dry skin product I have ever used.


- Joanna P.

Amazing results...

I have used Tamanu Oil for years. My son gave me a small bottle of it, and after a long wait before opening the bottle, in some desperation, I decided to try it. I had a bad case of rosacea, an incurable form of adult acne. I had tried everything the dermatologists prescribed, remedies that did nothing except cost me mucho money. After only four or five days of use a few drops of Tamanu Oil to my face, the unsightly redness of my swollen nose and cheeks went away, and the painful postules dried up. The effects of the disease stays away as long as I apply the oil once a month. What a relief! I also use it for burns, small garden wounds, insect bites and rashes. It really works for me.

-Pablo W.P.

Great stuff!

As a home builder and contractor, my hands are constantly dry and damaged by heavy use and exposure to weather. I was given a sample jar of DRY SKIN BUTTER and used it for a few days. My hands look like new and feel better too. 


-David B.

Fibromyalgia remedy

I came across your website while doing some research on skin care products that use tamanu oil and acai berry oil. I am 32 years old have been studying holistic skin care as a hobby for ten years. My reading and research has shown me that some of the most powerful oils and extracts for healthy skin include nut oils like tamanu, shea and buriti; and fruit oils like acai, pomegranate goji, noni, mangosteen, sea buckthorn, maqui, and muscadine grape.


I was very impressed when I saw the webpage for your Tamanu Dry Skin Butter, since in contained some of those powerful superfruits and super nut oils. I immediately placed an order, and when I received the jar, I was even more impressed. Your butter is very rich, thick, silky, and smooth. It absorbs into my skin very quickly. I have issues with very dry skin, eczema, and skin sensitivities. I have tactile allodynia due to fibromyalgia, which means that things that normally wouldn’t hurt to the touch hurt me. Your Dry Skin Butter is so gentle and soothing that I don’t feel that pain, and it also immediately soothes any rashes or bruises I get. I’m going to recommend this product to people I know with fibromyalgia, since it might help them deal with tactile pain a little better.

-Emil Jones

I was born in Utah, but lived many years in Montana and California.  I served in the US Army Air Corps and am a WW II vet and am a member of the American Legion. I graduated from high school, college and USC in Los Angeles. I worked for 36 years at Eastman Kodak company, first in Hollywood. I was later transferred to Mexico for 8 years, then New York State for 14, and five years in Brazil—all in marketing management positions.  I retired from Kodak in 1986 and have been working ever since.  I was a marketing consultant for several companies and a number of them hired me as marketing director as a result. Example:  I spent three years as marketing director at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.  I was determined, however, to create and run my own company, so I stayed on with other companies until I created Island Trend.


My skin-care product company got its start 15 years ago.  On a trip to Hawaii,  I had a severe case of incurable rosacea on my face at the time, but my son noticed my red face and gave me small bottle of Tahitian Tamanu Oil to see if it might help.  I tried it for four days and, after a few applications, the rosacea disappeared.  I was so impressed, I began importing and selling the oil and later making products that contain the oil as their principle ingredient.  I make the products in my own production laboratory.  I now market seven products. 


My skin-care products are not cosmetics, they are skin-care aids.  They are unique in that I know of no other similar, Tamanu oil-based products in the world that can compete with mine in terms of product purity, safety, natural/organic bases and the effectiveness of the products in helping alleviate many human skin problems.  My products have a long history of acceptance and reliability. More than 65% of my sales are to repeat customers, many of whom buy in quantity.  


I have received many compliments and thanks from hundreds of users who love the products.  I have had very few complaints over the years as the majority of my clients enjoy the real benefits of my products. My company motto is: 

Island Trend, Healthy Skin—Naturally. 

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