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The mission of is to develop, perfect and market highly effective, pure, natural nutritional supplements and skin care products we carefully derive from highly select, wild-harvested Polynesian plants such as Tamanu Oil, Noni and acai plants from Latin America.


The goal of is simple: to be the best online shop for natural health and skin care products from the South Pacific and Brazil. We have become successful, and will maintain this success, only through our zealous focus on customer service and mail order competence. This focus includes offering high quality products, 3-6 business day order shipment; a money-back guarantee and many other small touches that build customer trust. believes that the world-wide acceptance and use of natural, health-promoting skin care products will continue to increase rapidly. The company is positioned to participate as a leader in this expanding market, widely distributing its key products and developing new products for the future. We expect to continue to increase our market share and profits in the near and long term and re-invest in our future.


Island Trend’s web site has been around for a number of years. It was created by Christian Wilson, as resident of Hawaii and a noted computer expert. He used the site to sell Polynesian and other natural products, but he retired the site after experiencing supply problems. If you are in need of great SEO, Christian is the man to call.


Christian and his father Paul resurrected the site, created a new Island Trend LLC company and rebuilt the web site on which they offer a new line of Island Trend Natural Skin Care products. The products are all hand crafted by Paul and Lois Wilson in their new facility in St. George, Utah. Sales are increasing daily and we are pleased with the reception that we receive from satisfied customers. Island Trend uses only the finest basic products available, striving to stay as organic and natural as possible, while avoiding the use of damaging chemicals in our products.


We also sell to and through wholesalers and participate in local shows and markets. As a way to introduce local residents to Tamanu Oil-based cosmetics, we sell products each Saturday at a local farmers market and have had great success. We are especially pleased that we have many repeat buyers.



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