Island Trend has combined the amazingly effective skin-care aids -Noni Fruit 
concentrate and Acai Oil, the world’s best antioxidant, with a pure vegetal glycerin soap base to produce an excellent soap.

The soap not only cleanses your skin, but also supplies very beneficial moisturizers from the skin-friendly Noni, Acai, and certified Peppermint Oil, a combination that makes the soap unique. Your skin should feel softer, smoother and more attractive after a short time.

The Noni plant been known for centuries in Polynesia as a treasured skin-care aid. Brazilian Acai Oil is famous as a highly beneficial, natural moisturizer and antioxidant for skin cells. Certified therapeutic Peppermint oil calms skin irritations and has an attractive fragrance. Enjoy the benefits of this excellent soap!

Noni Acai Soap 4oz bar

  • Tips:

    Use the soap daily, monring and evening.

    Try Noni/Acai Soap as a pre-shave hair softener. It helps provide you with a smooth and effective shave. Use Island Trend’s new After Shave Balm to top off the shave, leaving your skin cool, smoothing your skin and calming any
    abrasions from your razor.


    Pure vegetal glycerine soap base containing:

    Purified water, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium stearate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Sodium myristate, Cocomidopropyl hydroxyl sulfate, Propylene glycol USP, Morinda citrifolia (Noni Fruit) concentrate, Euterpea oleracea (Acai) seed oil, Tea laurel sulfate, Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoyl isothionate, Acetamide MEA, Sodium laureth sulfate, Aloe vera, Mentha piperata (peppermint) leaf oil as a fragrance, Natural sea foam plus purple colors = emerald green color.

    Disclaimer:: This product has not been tested by the FDA and is not intended to cure, treat or be prescribed for any disease of the human skin. Topical use only. Do not use if allergic to nuts of any kind.


“As a home builder and contractor, my hands are constantly dry and damaged by heavy use and exposure to weather. I was given a sample jar of DRY SKIN BUTTER and used it for a few days. My hands look like new and feel better too. Great stuff!"  - David B.


“Your seven-product TRAVEL/SAMPLE KIT in the attractive organza bag is the finest gift we have ever offered to our prime clients at our hotel.  When our guests check in they find the Kits on their bed.  We get many positive comments and sincere thanks for the gift.”  - Mr  M  


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The FDA has not evaluated these statements and they should not be misconstrued or intended as diagnoses, cures, treatments, preventatives or professional advice regarding their use for any skin disease or problem. Consult professionals for medical advice. People with allergies to nuts of any kind should not use Tamanu Oil. Topical use only. Do not take internally. Our business is serving the St. George, Utah area