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NEW!  We are now featuring the finest Tahitian Tamanu Oil on the planet, a natural and very pure oil that has been filtered to remove all wax.  Most other versions of Tamanu Oil on the market are dark green in color due to their heavy wax content.  Our fine, wax-free, 100% Pure Tamanu Oil has a clear golden color.  It is  now available in a handy and portable 1/3 oz bottle with a roll-on applicator.  The applicator allows you to quickly and easily control the placement of the oil on the precise area where you have skin problems.  Once the Oil is rolled over the affected skin area, simply massage the oil carefully into the skin.  Repeat as necessary.   

Recommendation: Due to the roll-on applicator, do not share your bottle of Tamanu Oil with anyone else so as to assure that there will be no chance of interchange of bacteria from person-to-person. Write your name on your own private bottle.

Testimonial: “I have been using the new Tahitian Tamanu Oil for a month and have been very pleased to see the brown spots and bruises on my arms go away in just a few days. I often have hematomas (bruises) and as I use blood thinners I bruise easily and my arms look awful with dark purple bruises. I really like the 1/3 oz roll-on bottle too. It is a handy size and makes applying the oil a snap.” (PMW)

Tamanu Oil 1/3 oz bottle

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