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Centuries ago, the Polynesians had to find ways to improve and preserve their health by finding and using the benefits they discovered in their natural pharmacy, native plants and herbs. They had no doctors or pharmacies in those times and were forced to find and test the plants they found growing on the islands. One of their most urgent needs was to find a way to protect and heal their skin as the salt-laden winds, the high ambient temperature, and injuries damaged their skin. Until they found the right plants and learned to process them and find a potential remedy, it was difficult or impossible to treat skin problems.


Then they found the Tamanu tree, its fruits and nuts and discovered a way to make use of this miraculous tree as their sacred skin care aid. They were also surely attracted to the beautiful and fragrant little flowers that grow on the trees. When they mature, the flowers are replaced by small, round green fruits, about an inch in diameter. There is usually a single fruit per stem. As they ripen, the fruits turn from green to yellow. The green and yellow fruits then turn brown, wrinkles and hardens. The fruits are picked easily, or are left to mature on the trees to later fall to the ground as brown, wrinkled fruits. Small brown fruits often litter the ground around the trees. When the natives opened the brown fruits, they found a single whitish/yellow kernel of a nut.


They may have tried to eat the nut, but found it to be less than tasty. Then some native traditional healer found a way to dry the nuts in the sun, sometimes as long as 1 to 2 months in the sun was needed. Then the kernels shrank and once dry, the natives then ground them between rocks and found that they could squeeze out a few drops of oil per kernel of a dark, greenish oil that had a distinctive nutty aroma. Perhaps the same traditional healer then tried the oil on his or her skin and voila, they had discovered the finest natural skin moisturizer on the planet. Many Polynesians use Tamanu Oil on their bodies, faces and hair everyday. These beauties are wrinkle-free and preserve their beauty for many years past their middle-age.


Polynesian women soon discovered the oil and are noted for having the most beautiful complexions in the world and the reason is that they use Tamanu oil as their chosen skin care aid. Not only did the Polynesians find that Tamanu Oil is the best skin moisturizer anywhere, they also found that it has extraordinary skin care properties. It is antibacterial, and is a fabulous treatment for small injuries, wounds, very dry skin, burns, insect bites, rashes and sunburns. It has been used successfully as an aid for many other skin maladies such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc. It also helps treat larger wounds and can reduce the size of scar tissue.


Tamanu Oil has been used for centuries by Polynesians, but has only recently been recognized and praised by many medical practitioners and many other skin care professionals as well as knowledgeable cosmeticians. Island Trend has been providing Tamanu oil and cosmetics containing Tamanu oil for many years. We invite you to try them out and are sure you will be convinced of the many benefits of the miraculous Tamanu oil!


NEW!  We are now featuring the finest Tahitian Tamanu Oil on the planet, a natural and very pure oil that has been filtered to remove all wax.  Most other versions of Tamanu Oil on the market are dark green in color due to their heavy wax content.  Our fine, wax-free, 100% Pure Tamanu Oil has a clear golden color.  It is  now available in a handy and portable 1/3 oz bottle with a roll-on applicator.  The applicator allows you to quickly and easily control the placement of the oil on the precise area where you have skin problems.  Once the Oil is rolled over the affected skin area, simply massage the oil carefully into the skin.  Repeat as necessary.   


Recommendation:  Due to the roll-on applicator, do not share your bottle of Tamanu Oil with anyone else so as to assure that there will be no chance of interchange of bacteria from person-to-person.  Write your name on your own private bottle. 

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