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One of the most prevalent and universal skin problems that people suffer with is dry skin.  Dry feet, hand, elbows, knees and even faces are reported by people that live in virtually every climate condition.

There are hundreds of dry skin products on the market, but none combine such wonderful ingredients as our DRY SKIN BUTTER with Tamanu Oil and Buriti Oil. We combine these unique and skin-loving ingredients to a cosmetic butter base that is filled with organic, paraben-free moisturizers and others skin-healthy ingredients. We believe tis new product to be superior and far more effective in helping you defeat the dry skin problems you may have. No other lotion or butter product comes close to the benefits of our DRY SKIN BUTTER.

Wonderful Dry Skin Butter with Tamanu Oil 4 oz jar

$19.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Tamanu Oil is the finest natural skin moisturizer and amazingly effective skin-care aid on the planet . Although the product is new on the market, we have already had many happy customers tell us how much they love the Butter and how their dry skin has been eliminated. We add the wonderful Brazilian BURITI OIL to the Butter as another great moisturizer and natural UV absorber.

    Try it! You will not be disappointed!
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